Introducing Sitges
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If Spanish sea-side resorts make you think of
high-rise concrete jungles, think again.
Sitges is  different enough to justify the boast
that it is "The Jewel of the Mediterranean."
Although the town is developing, it is sensitive to
the need to conserve and enhance its special
qualities and character whilst improving facilities
for visitors and residents alike.
The resident population is currently around 20,000;  although
Sitges remained, for much of its history, little more than a small
fishing village nestling at the foot of the Garraf hills which
surround it. To this day the sea front is dominated by the
Church which was at the heart of the old town. It houses a
famous, and extremely elaborate,  300 year old organ, still in
regular use for services and concerts.
From the middle of the 19th. Century Sitges was to attract
many artists and intellectuals, and their wealthy patrons,
some of whom very clearly left their mark on the town. The
area behind the Church was restored and developed to
become the very attractive "Old Town " we see today with its
museums and galleries and the open square where concerts
and other events are held.
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In the early twentieth century an influx of wealth from Sitgetans who had made their
fortune in the Caribbean combined with the rise of the Modernista (or Art Nouveau) style
of architecture to create some of the spectacular buildings which still contribute so much
to the character of the Eixample or "New Town" area of Sitges......
Many carvings like these
decorate the buildings.
..... and on the sea front at Riberra
In fact the 2km long promenade is one of the attractions of
Sitges. Landscaped and palm fringed at the end nearest the
Church it eventually becomes a broad paved way favoured
by joggers, cyclists and roller-bladers and stretching all the
way to the Terramar Hotel.
The beach below the church is home to Sitges' sailing club
and, throughout the year, the location for events as varied as
a beach volleyball championship and motorcycle trials!  
Other nearby beaches are well equipped, with cafés and
restaurants nearby. Beaches further along are quieter with
shallow areas suitable for younger visitors.
For a change from the town centre you can visit Sitges
marina, close by at Aiguadolc. With fifteen restaurants and
five bars it caters for more than just the sailing community;
and it's a pleasant place to go for a late afternoon or early
evening drink.
Click on this link for information and to visit the Port's
English language web site.
Carnival, the various Fiestas and Corpus Christi are traditions upheld
with  enthusiasm by Sitgetans of all ages. Enjoyed by visitors, they
nevertheless remind us that Sitges is so much more than a holiday
destination. It is a lively, vibrant town with its own culture and customs
in which we can all share, thanks to the dedication and hard work of
those who maintain them year by year. Visit our
Celebrations page
for a calendar and information about Public Holidays, Carnival, Fiestas
and other special events.
Thanks to its orientation Sitges
often enjoys, perhaps a little
unexpectedly, glorious sunsets
shining the length of its beaches.
..... and further along the promenade at Vinyet.
Human towers, giant Kings and
Queens parading the streets,
children wearing grotesque masks,
and  Eagles, Dragons and Demons
scattering the crowds  with their
firecrackers -  regular features of
Fiestas; while at Corpus Christi
intricate flower carpets fill many
town centre streets.
Reporting an average of around 300 days of
sunshine a year, Sitges experiences typically
Mediterranean weather, with hot summers and
very pleasant spring and autumn months.
Winters are usually mild and often warm
enough to sit out or stroll comfortably along
the promenade. The town may seem quiet
then, especially during the day - but walk out in
the early evening, especially at weekends, and
you'll find it bustling with life. Sitges makes a
great off-peak base from which to explore this
fascinating region and its capital, Barcelona.
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On summer evenings
this charming corner of
the Old Town is the
venue for open air