Information about
Public Holidays and local Fiestas
There are seven Public Holidays observed throughout Spain. Catalunya adds more!
Many, as you will see,  still relate to dates in the calendar of the Christian Church and
so vary from year to year. You might want to bear these, and the various local
celebrations throughout the year, in mind when planning your holiday.
Apartment Robin
Shops and Banks will close for Public Holidays and may also be affected by Fiestas.
If you plan to arrive on a Public Holiday StaySitges can arrange for a welcome pack.
Discuss this when you book.

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1st January
New Year's Day
Public Holiday throughout Spain
6th January
The Epiphany
Public Holiday in Catalunya
The Three Kings' visit to the Infant
Jesus is celebrated by the exchange of
presents and, usually the previous
evening,  by costumed processions
representing the Kings and their
Sitges Carnival
4th - 10th February
23rd February -
1st March 2017
A week of flamboyant processions and
other events. The main parades are
on Sunday and Tuesday evenings.
Carnival ends with a "Funeral" and
The Arrival of Mrs. Lent on the evening
of Ash Wednesday!
Public Holiday throughout Spain
Good Friday
23rd - 27th March '16
12th - 16th April 2017
Public Holiday in Catalunya
Easter Monday
28th March 2016
17th April 2017
23rd April
St. George's Day
Sant Jordi (St George) is the patron
saint of Catalunya. It is traditional for a
man to buy his sweetheart a rose and
for her to buy him a book in return.
A day of great celebration at the
spectacular  mountain-top monastery
which is also a focus of Catalan unity
and identity
Our Lady of
27th April
Public Holiday throughout Spain
Labour Day
1st May
16th May 2016
5th June 2017
Pasqua Granada
(Whit Monday)
Public Holiday in Catalunya
29th May 2016
18th June 2017
Corpus Christi
Floral Carpets in the streets. The main
procession leads up to the blessing of
the people and the town in the Cap de la
Vila on the Sunday evening.
24th June
St. John
Public Holiday in Catalunya
Patron Saint of the Poble Sec area.
Fairground, concert and dancing over
several days in Pl. de S. Joan and Pl.
Catalunya. Fireworks, usually the
previous evening,
The festival of the little Sanctuary on the
outskirts of Sitges. Fiesta and fireworks
nearby, usually the previous evening.
Our Lady
of Vinyet
5th August
Bank Holiday throughout Spain
Assumption of
the Virgin Mary
15th August
Fiesta Major
21st - 27th August
Processions and other celebrations in
honour of St. Bartholomew, Patron Saint
of Sitges. His feast day is 24th. August.
Spectacular fireworks around the Parish
Church, usually the previous evening,
with fantastic views from Apartment Robin.
Public Holiday in Catalunya
National Day
11th September
Fiesta Menor
Processions and other celebrations in
honour of St. Tecla, Second Patron
Saint of Sitges. Her feast day is 23rd.
September. Fireworks, as for Fiesta
Major, usually the previous evening.
24th September
Barcelona only. A week of celebration
concludes with this Public Holiday.
Tourist attractions like museums and
galleries may be closed - check locally.
Our Lady
of Mercy
12th October
Public Holiday throughout Spain
Not observed with enthusiasm in fiercely
independent Catalunya!
National Day
22nd-23rd September
1st November
All Saints' Day
Public Holiday in Catalunya
Public Holiday in Catalunya
Constitution Day
6th December
Conception of
the Virgin Mary
8th December
Public Holiday throughout Spain
Public Holiday throughout Spain
Christmas Day
Public Holiday in Catalunya
St Stephen
25th December
26th December
Holy Week
and Easter
Traditional Holy Week processions
through the streets of the town.
25th March 2016
14th April 2017
29th June
St. Peter
and St. Paul
Patron Saints of the Casas Novas area.
Fireworks, fairground, music and
dancing in and around Pl.  Pescadors
and Pl. Castellers, usually the
weekend following the Saints' day.

in Sitges

Expect firecrackers
when you see shops
and offices covering up
their windows!
Click on this link
to go to
Turisme Sitges,
the town's official
information site
Stay at Apartment
Robin for Fiesta Major
or for Fiesta  Menor
and enjoy a fantastic
view of the spectacular
displays in comfort on
your own balcony.
The fireworks usually
start at 11pm. with
"warning shots" fired
from 15 minutes
earlier. The end of the
display will be
signalled by three
more very loud bangs!
A  feature of Sitges
fiestas, carried aloft by
"demons" or spitting
from the Eagles and
Dragons while crowds
scatter in all directions!
We advise a hat and
clothes you're not
bothered about.